Robin Dann, Paintings
Welcome to my website. I have several bodies of work not represented here. You are looking at a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by!

There are two portfolios, Couch Paintings and Abstract Painting

Couch Paintings
Artist Statement:
What do couches and chairs represent? The first, most obvious answer is rest. I was doing a lot of meditating during the year I created these paintings, which are a manifestation of my courtship with stillness.

Abstract Paintings
Artist Statement:
These paintings map a process that goes something like this:

frustration/play, frustration/pleasure.

Play and pleasure make the canvas glow. Frustration makes for tension. I work on several paintings at the same time, in a very physical way. They have no message other than celebrating the pure joy of painting, itself.

Abstraction is difficult because the goal is unclear and different every time. I keep telling myself, if I need a rest, I can always go back to painting chairs.