Robin Dann, Paintings
Ms. Dann on her work:

"I have worked in many styles, including surrealism and interractive installation, but for the past several years I have worked exclusively as an abstract expressionist.

"For some time I had been thinking of using house paint and never got around to it. Then a series of accidents and mishaps coincided in such a way that all of my brushes and paints were thrown out. This was, however, a blessing in disguise. Instead of dwelling on it, being outraged and/or stressing out, I simply went to the hardward store, bought several pints and gallons of "oops" paint (returned or rejected paint in odd colors, sold at a discount), got some big cheap brushes, and entirely changed my painting style. It was very freeing.

"The abstract paintings document a conversation between my soul, the paint, the canvas, and "the abyss"--sheer nothingness--or that deep mysterious vacuum where creativity comes from. The paintings map a journey of survival through frustration and pleasure, to a place of playfulness. This place is hard for adults to get to. It is holy.

"Color, texture, and surface are my main concerns. Illusion, depth, and symbolism do not enter the equation. Every painting is about painting.

"I use acrylic, house paint, spray paint, collage, and bought, stolen and found objects, working on the floor, table-top, and easel, from all angles, on numerous canvasses simultaneously, drawing inspiration from the cityscape that surrounds me, particularly the irregular and marred sides of buildings, subway walls, vacated graffiti-strewn billboards, and curious bits of infrastructure. I am also inspired by the composition of moving pictures, especially by master directors such as Michelangelo Antonioni, who studied painting before he turned to filmmaking."